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Custom Crokinole Board

Custom Tournament Ready Crokinole Boards

decks and gutters made from carefully selected 1/2" imported Russian Baltic Birch. Rail material ranges from the rustic look of spruce, the a more elegant grain pattern of hemlock and even exotic woods such as walnut, maple, black limba or whatever else you have in mind.

I have never been a fan of using screws for bumper posts, so I took it into

my own hands, designed a new system and had them manufactured.

Solocraft bumper posts are machined from aluminum, then anodized and

fastened from the bottom of the deck. This system greatly increases strength, eliminates the nightmare of stripped screws used by competitors, offer a

much sleeker and elegant look and are available in different color options.

For your customization, we can discuss your visions, color preferences, hobbies, logos, favorite animals, sayings or whatever you can dream up. You will then be sent a computer generated image of your designs on a board to make changes as you see fit. Once you are 100% satisfied, the build process begins. Photos of the progress can be sent to your smartphone to keep you updated on the build. Typically, from start to finish, completion takes around 20 days.

If you decide you'd like more information or to discuss the design ideas you may have, give me a call or shoot me a text.

I would love to hear from you!


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